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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Osprey in Owls’ Nest, Kiawah

On our visit to Kiawah Island, SC, last week, a pair of Ospreys were active around a nest occupied by a Great Horned Owl in mid-March. (March 15 blog posting) Photos by Clate Sanders

The two Ospreys were present around the nest area each of four times we went there during the week – soaring, perching in pines very near the nest, and bringing fish to nearby pines to eat. Twice one of the Ospreys flew to the nest and sat in it for a few moments, then left it. On the last day we were there, we saw one of the Ospreys fly to the nest with a stick and appear to be working it in.

After we returned home, I found an April 18 report from the nature program on Kiawah Island that “the last owlet at Willet pond is now gone and the Ospreys have moved in, they were spotted re-building the nest and courting.” (Kiawah Island Golf Resort) So I’m not sure what was happening now, two months after that report – but it seems like they have reclaimed the nest even after it was used by the Great Horned Owls.


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