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Reflections on birds and other wildlife on the edge of a southern woodland

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tufted Titmouse

Year-round, the most common birds around our yard by far are Tufted Titmice. During the winter months, several visit the feeders and the bird baths frequently and forage in the bare limbs of the oaks and pecans, coming and going just about all day every day, and they are so common I often neglect to pay much attention to them. But they are lively, quick, curious, attractive little birds, and our yard would be a much quieter and less interesting place without them. If I listened more closely, I think I could learn a lot about what’s going on from their day-day-day scolding and chattery gossip with the chickadees, and their peter-peter songs and wreep-wreeep calls.

One of their favorite spots is a Savannah holly tree next to the front porch where they often perch just before dropping down to a bird bath close to its branches for a drink or a dip.


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