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Monday, June 18, 2007

Wood Thrush Photos

My husband, Clate, has taken several pictures of the nesting Wood Thrush – including this one, in which the female (we think) has just arrived back at the nest after taking a break for a few minutes. The legs of the male can just barely be seen on the edge of the nest. He seems to stand guard beside it whenever she leaves for a brief time.

Both yesterday and today, we frequently saw the female standing on the edge of the nest and looking down into it, sometimes poking it. Then she settles back down. Early in the morning, she sits low in the nest, but later in the day she mostly sits higher or even stands over it, maybe because of the heat, and at times her beak is parted, as if she’s panting.

Once today, I saw the male arrive at the nest with something in its beak. Both he and the female perched on the edge of the nest and poked into it, then she lifted her head with what looked like a worm in her beak and ate it.

We don’t watch them all day, so I’m sure there’s a lot we miss – but keep the scope set up and have a look whenever we have a chance.

Thanks, Clate, for the pictures!


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